Karhunpolku Trail

Karhunpolku Trail

KARHUNPOLKU: Karhunpolku Trail

This intermediate trail takes you from the Patvinsuo National Park to Teljo in Kuhmo and can be hiked in three seasons. It is good to allow a week for the hike. The trail is also a popular mountain biking route.

The trail passes through the Ruunaa Hiking Area. You can get onto the trail from several points, and there is a connecting trail e.g. from the Ruunaa Hiking Area to the center of the town of Lieksa. The canoeing route in the River Jongunjoki (70 km) goes parallel to the Karhunpolku Trail.

Long sections of the Karhunpolku Trail pass through areas that are far from inhabited areas, but close to forest road network. Mobile phone reception can be poor at times.

The terrain along the trail is varied. When the trail runs near ridges, the hills are steep. There are duckboards over the dampest areas.

The trail is considerably well marked, however, logged areas or new forest roads may make it somewhat challenging to stay on the trail. The trail has been marked with orange paint dots or orange-tipped signposts.

When hiking on the trail, you can stay overnight in huts or lean-to shelters. The trail can be divided into shorter legs e.g. according to the following division:

Patvinsuo – Pitkäjärvi 26 km (7.5 hours, intermediate)

Pitkäjärvi – Särkänjoki 10 km (3 hours, intermediate)

Särkänjoki – Haapavitja 20 km (6 hours, intermediate)

Haapavitja – Niskalahti 18 km (5 hours, easy)

Niskalahti – Änäkäinen 24 km (7 hours, intremediate)

Änäkäinen – Valamajoki 18km (5 hours, intermediate)

Valamajoki – Teljo 18km (5 hours, intermediate)

Services and possibilities:

Services in the Patvinsuo National Park

Services in the Ruunaa Hiking Area

War-historical site in Änäkäinen located along the trail

For trail maintenance issues and other questions about the trail please contact: The town of Lieksa. In questions relating to the Patvinsuo National Park and Ruunaa Hiking Area, please contact: Metsähallitus (Nature Centre Ukko, ukko(at)metsa.fi, +358 (0)205 64 5654).


  • Length: 133.66 km
  • Difficulty level: Medium Medium
  • Viewed: 16883
  • Latitude: 63.1187975595827
  • Longitude: 30.7440720999044

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