Welcome to the map service of North Karelia’s recreational trails

NOTE! Data of this service has been updated over the period 2014-2015, so please note that some of the page information may be outdated. We will renew our service during 2018-2019.


This online map service enables you to find the most popular recreational trails in North Karelia. The service was published in the autumn of 2014 and it is constantly maintained. On this website you will find hiking and trekking trails, water trails and destinations (added in September 2014), cross-country ski tracks, snowmobile trails (added in November-December 2014), rest areas and other waypoints. Some of the tracks have english descriptions. Otherwise, the descriptions are in finnish.

This site will be updated with information on e.g. cross-country ski tracks. In addition, a site displaying municipal sports and leisure services will be added to the service, through which you can learn more about the sports services offered by municipalities.

You can search for trails, routes and destinations through this map service:

  1. by keywords or parts of words
  2. by browsing the map
  3. by different criteria, such as type of trail, trail length or level of difficulty.

By clicking ”display services” the map shows the programme service and equipment rental companies in the region.

If you notice any problems with the service or its function or if trails need maintenance, please send us your comments using the form in the feedback section. Mobile version of this service is under development. 

Unwind and enjoy the outdoors in North Karelia!